Game Plan: What’s Going On?

The point of making a blog post at this stage in a project is to give future archive trawlers something to do at 3am on a shame-fueled bout of insomnia. Hello, frazzled procrastinators of the future! I envy you your world of unfathomable progress, technology and cultural revolution. Is Trump president-for-life yet? What destroyed America first, global warming or moral decay? I wish I knew. For now, give our new reptilian overlords my regards and ask them not to build a breeding pit on my property. The land here is full of rocks and clay and digging out a spawning pool would be an absolute BITCH.

All that aside, let’s get down to business (To defeat…THE huns). What’s going on here? TormentedByGnomes is destined to be a tabletop role playing blog/social media presence, because a quick googling showed me that this is an underrepresented market. The only thing the internet needs more than another RPG blog is another two-gamers-on-a-couch webcomic.

The main course will be an Actual Play podcast. The game in question is a d20 future campaign I’ve run a few times, and slowly improved on each playthrough. This time around I want to really flesh out the game, fixing weird plot glitches, balancing gameplay, and implementing a few mods & homebrew bits that, when executed, should shine. Right now, that means working on a starship battle system that will add all the cool stuff that space opera should incorporate (Reroute power to the whatever! All weapons fire on my mark! Reverse thrust! Etc) while staying playable. It’s going to involve props, lots of props. I think my starship battle sheet prototype is ready for primetime.

My prototype is basically a piece of paper covered in sticky notes.
With sticky-note battle damage action!

Outside of that, I’m armed with 17 years of game mastering experience that I intend to milk for all its worth. Stay tuned for War Story Wednesdays, Tales from the Text-Based RPGs, guests, one-shots, drunken gaming (it always ends up happening), and more.

What else are we working on? Well, for starters, some website design. I have flat out never done this (any horrors of HTML you may find on the interwebs that contradict this are malevolent propaganda) so getting some good presentation set up is new territory. Fortunately, I’m not alone in this endeavor. My horrific co-conspirator knows a lot more about them there dee zines than me.

So, future midnight owls, the heart-breaking beauty of craftsmanship you gaze upon now was once a drafty skeleton of a default wordpress. Remember that when you’re googling all the Best Internet of the Whole Internets awards we’ve won.

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