Phase 1: Everything is Better with Phases

For the record, we’ve only divided our plan into phases because I really want to say THATS MAH FAVORITE PHAAAASE when we get to Phase Two. Plus, if it’s good enough for Marvel, it’s good enough for me.

The starship combat game has been moved to Phase 2. As my last post, the ideas we’ve got for the system will take a while to get right. Moving to a card game is exciting and, I think, will be a BLAST to play–but it means a lot of playtesting and logistics and art my god the art that we’ll need. So, in order to prevent Mission Creep from bringing the project into the doldrums, we humbly introduce Phase 1.

The year is 1868. Ever since Isaac Newton, The Last Alchemist, discovered the process for refining and harvesting Aether, nations and city-states have raced to exploit this bizarre power source and gain the advantage, leading to an earth with which you and I may not be familiar. Airships cross the Atlantic in record time. African Kings build mighty centers of culture and learning. Three divided nations emerge from the aether-poisoned ashes of a terrible Civil War. And in the midst of this world of floating cities and madcap inventions, a curious crew of troubleshooters and ne’er-do-wells takes a job from a shady–but wealthy–proprietor.

The new campaign will be powered by the PDQ# system, the product of Chad Underkoffler’s mind. I’ve run a game or two on this system including his Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies and it was a lot of fun. We’ve got a good crew picked out and we’re doing character creation right now. First recording session is in a couple of weeks. Look forward to actual play podcasts shortly thereafter!

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