Update: 2016

2016 begins! I’ve been posting the occasional update to Facebook and Twitter, but just to make sure everything’s on the same page, here’s whats up with the what:


  • Second recording session for Steampunk campaign is tentatively scheduled for the 24th. Hopefully this will get some better audio!
  • Tormented By Gnomes now has a Twitch channel and Steam group!
    • The plan is to schedule and stream Dark Souls, Project Zomboid, and Dragon’s Dogma when that comes out. I’ll also be impromptu streaming HELLDIVERS gameplay with some of the TBG team.
  • I’ve started recording some footage from an ongoing 5th Edition D&D campaign called Refuge. I don’t think I’ll post full clips, but outtakes and highlights. It’s a good group.


While the whole TBG project has been slow to launch and has changed directions a few times, I’m happy to be exploring options and finding what works best for me, for the site, and for you. Thanks for your patience!

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