2017: Gnomes Rebooted

New year, new projects! A lot of things I got started working on have died, mostly because I have the attention span of a gnat. Here are the big things going on right now/in the works:

  • Team Moosey Fate: We’ve started an Overwatch team. We’re registered on Gosugamers.net, we’re doing team practice together, and we’ve enrolled in the Overwatch University League. Next blog post will cover our team, the league, and what to expect.
  • New Art: I’ve put together some decent art for the website/social medias/etc. I still plan on working with an artist to get some cool stuff custom made (a nicer logo, character art, that sort of thing), but for now, we can expect the blank white logo to go away. I’ve already implemented this art on our twitch channel, youtube channel, facebook and twitter — check it out!
  • Twitch Streaming: This is much easier to pull off than Youtube video editing (props to all Youtube content creators out there, this takes HOURS!) I’ve been actively streaming TeamMF8 practice and training, but the plan is to have a consistent schedule. I’d like to aim for three days a week. There’s a lot of possibilities, but here’s the current thought:
    • MF8 Overwatch once or more/week
    • Single player variety 1/week. Thinking a heavily modded Skyrim playthrough for starters.
    • Multi Player Variety 1/week. For this I’ll be partnering with NinjaManMat, playing various multiplayer games. Don’t expect pro skills, but hilarity should ensue. Mat’s funny.
  • Youtube Content: Haven’t given up on this, it’s just quite a bit of time investment. I’ve got loads of old material (Salty IT house, Helldivers) and more coming every time I stream. I’d like to shoot for 1 video/week for starters, though scheduling will see how that turns out.
  • Tabletop Content: I am running a D&D 5th edition campaign that I absolutely love. I want to find a way to share this content out without going full Critical Role (we lack the infrastructure, and I don’t want to force people on camera). Most likely I’ll be making the Obsidian Portal publically available or posting adventure logs here.
  • Collaboration with the ri0tpit: I’m part of a great community of streamers, and a lot of them are just getting started. I’ll be supporting their success and looking for opportunities for collaboration as much as possible.


The next time you check this website, new art should be up. Stay tuned!

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