Welcome to the OWU League

I’m going to act like this post isn’t just to move the thing about soap sticks and greased pigs down the line. We’ll go with that.

I am the captain of a competitive Overwatch team called Moosey Fate (MF8). If you’re following me on twitter, you know I talk about #TeamMF8 a lot and use a lot of exclamation points (ENTHUSIASM, HUZZAH!).

We’re currently playing in a competitive league run by the Overwatch University community. It’s a friendly league for people who want to get better at focused, team-based gameplay, but still have a long way to go before they have any business playing in real tournaments. The league has been a runaway success so far–over 1400 players are involved! The NA league alone has 14 divisions, each consisting of 10 teams, each fielding 6 players. From the Bronze tier players in Division 14 to the Grand Masters in Div 1, players of all skill levels are represented in the league.

MF8 is playing in Division 11–mostly consisting of Gold, low platinum and high silver level players. What we lack in expertise we make up for in enthusiasm, free time, and cunning. We’re having a blast being way too into this whole thing, and we encourage you to join us. Our matches are frequently livecast by amateur esports commentators on twitch (the exact URL varies match by match, depending on who’s casting, but if you follow TBG on twitter  or Facebook I always post updates about match times and streams.

I’ve created a calendar for OWU League Matches that you can check out here. If you’re interested, check out the official OWU League Discord server for rules, rosters, finding teams, and more.

Right now, we’ve won both of our sets, and we’re playing round 3 on Saturday. Wish us luck!

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