The Lay of the Land

Well, I’m back from getting married, and up to my nose in all sorts of excitement (of the non-in-law-or-matrimonial-variety). As a reminder, be sure to keep up with me on them there social medias for constant updates–I save larger musings and master plans for this blog.

Many thanks to Mrs. Gnomes for her constant support and tolerance of my many, many nerdy hobbies. And boy have those absolutely exploded. In no particular order, here’s what’s going on:

  1. My Overwatch University League team, Moosey Fate, dominated Division 11 and emerged as the uncontested champions. We gave up one map the entire season and are way, way too stoked about our success. I might do a team profile on a blog entry soon (meet the team) and talk a little bit about why we, with our day jobs and long-term relationships, were able to succeed to the degree we did. More on that later.
  2. Season 1 of the Overwatch University League draws to a close. We’re hosting regular PUG tournaments during the off season and hope to make an announcement about Season 2 very soon. If you want to get involved in team style Overwatch play, join our discord to learn more!
  3. I’m proud to announce I am the Overwatch Coordinator for GameSync, a LAN center right here in San Diego. My mission is to encourage the rise of a local Overwatch eSports scene in my home town, with a local league, tournaments and expo events. I’m stoked to be involved with the center and will be documenting my progress on this blog. If you’re a local, join the Overwatch San Diego facebook group. I’m hosting two meetups on the 27th and 29th at the center. Come join us!
  4. Somewhere in the middle of this I got married.
  5. The Gloriana campaign continues to be an absolute blast. My buddy NinjaManMat organized a lore-chat and terrain building meetup. I haven’t built terrain since my tabletop wargaming days, and hanging out with people with so much crafting talent has been AWESOME. I’ll be posting pictures of what we create and how we use it in our games.
  6. I am working my way back to a regular streaming channel. My streaming is divided between three channels: GameSync, Overwatch University, and my own TormentedByGnomes. I plan to stream Overwatch content (MF8 and ranked) on GameSync, I’ll be casting games on OWUniversity, and streaming random old games/casual multiplayer with my buddies on TBG. More news to follow.


WHEW! So yeah, more actual musings and analysis to come soon. For now, enjoy this big ole update and check out these pics of crafty people doing crafty things:


3 thoughts on “The Lay of the Land

  1. Great update, Mr. Gnomes! SO stoked about your marriage and (almost) equally excited about our success in the OWUL League Season 1 for Division 11. Had a great time joining you for your first foray into hosting at GameSync and am looking forward to the events coming up.

    The Lore-Chat and Terrain Building was excellent and many of the players involved have already begun asking additional questions and are preparing to bombard you with further queries and scenarios. I’ll be setting up for the next one soon!


    1. I see Orisa taking a hybrid role, similar to how Zarya fits in (flex with a DPS focus). Her secondary fire in particular is critical–the ability to reposition enemies off of high ground and around corners is going to make some amazing play potential. It will be a while before we see her impact on the pro level, which will really solidify her place in the meta.

      Checking it out now 🙂


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