Fangstrum 2.0 — An Invitation

So since my last post, I’ve:

  • Lost my job
  • Got a gig working for Tespa as an Overwatch Observer for TCS Fall 2017
  • Got a gig working for freaking Blizzard as an Instant Replay Operator for the freaking Overwatch League
  • Some other stuff I can’t remember because oh my god I work for the freaking Overwatch league

Between the depression associated with unemployment and the sheer exhilarating thrill of getting gig work for the company that’s been making my favorite games since I was a larva, I haven’t continued my section on magic. I haven’t forgotten it, we’ll get back to it, but for now, I’m working on something else.

We wrapped up the Refuge campaign sometime last year to make room for another campaign that has suffered from critical DM unavailability. I’m running Gloriana (intermittently), playing in Dulmeyer’s Revenge (powered by NinjaManMat), planning a campaign for the other OWL Observers when the main season starts, and most of my life will be consumed by the league as soon as it starts. Fangstrum, the game I was running for NRE, died from failure to hit player expectations (I wasn’t doing enough prep and it turned into a hack n slash). Meanwhile, I’ve been wanting to run a game for the San Diego Twitch community for, I think, a literal year now, and just haven’t had the time or availability for it

DM and player scheduling are the banes of campaigns. That’s what a West Marches style game is supposed to solve. But now my players (many, many different sets of potential players) have availability, and the DM (moi) is spread thin. So I’ve got a new fool idea ready to go kersplat: A Tabletop MUD.

Take a West Marches style campaign. Set it in a city that looks like Sigil (Planescape) and Outland (WoW) had a head on collision. Let any GM willing to follow the guidelines and charter create a whole new world connected to the setting by a portal. Add some Refuge style mechanics ensuring every adventure ends back in the central city. Play your cards right, and you could have a game with a player base limited only by DM availability, with multiple DMs to carry the open-world style madness along.

Today I streamed some basics for world building and design, but MadKingMidas and I are getting to work on this beast. I’m probably going to start pinging my D&D Twitter friends too once I get some sort of manifesto/design document going. Want to play in this mixed up nonsense? Stay tuned.

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