Coming Soon™: Worldbuilding Streams

Seems like every time I dust off the website and post something, I open with “Things have been busy,” but the alternatives are retirement or death. I’m not prepared for retirement, so being busy beats the remaining alternative. Anyways, hello everyone!

I’ve wanted to get back to creative exploits, but with the 2019 Overwatch League season underway, time is at a premium. I have a house and a relationship to maintain which puts some constraints on time I might use to run games–and trust me, if I had my way, I’d be running five campaigns right now.

At some point I’m going to do a campaign retrospective on the Gloriana game that came to an end earlier this year, but for starts, I want to announce my next project: weekly Worldbuilding/Game Prep streams, Mondays at 11am Pacific, starting this coming Monday, March 11th. I’ll show you my process for fleshing out a campaign area, introduce you to some of my world’s lore as an example, build some dungeons and adventures from scratch, and more. I’m still spitballing the format and intended content but I think it’ll be fun. I haven’t streamed for a while and I’m looking forward to it.

Other things I hope to have on this site soon are product reviews. I’ve been kickstarting and DMsGuild-ing and DriveThruRPG-ing like a maniac, and helping folks sort through all the content out there might be fun.

Outside of that, keep tuning in to the Overwatch League, Thursday through Friday, and if you are working on anything cool (a blog, a video series, streaming, etc), be sure to share it on twitter!

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