Casters & Castles!

In a land of legends and a time of war, the call goes out for heroes to undergo a perilous quest and bring peace to the realm.

Instead, we get these guys.

Casters & Castles is a live streamed D&D 5e campaign run and played by esports talent. This pilot series will take place over five sessions, during which the adventurers will undertake the Quest for the Book of Dawn, a custom campaign written by me and set in my home brew setting of Anacra.

You can watch Casters & Castles at Tuesdays at 1pm pacific, for the next five weeks (starting 6-11-2019), and hopefully beyond that.

I’ll be posting weekly recaps here on the blog, if for no other reason than to wake the old thing up again.

  • Dungeon Master: Bren, Broadcast Talent for the Overwatch League.
  • Players:
    • Sideshow, Overwatch League desk analyst & freelance writer
    • DriftwoodAsh, Producer at Overwatch League
    • Uber, Overwatch League caster
    • Reinforce, On-Camera Talent, Game Producer at Overwatch League, Writer

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