Gloriana Update: Battle of Dunlan Keep

In which I kill a guy the party already saved and get accused of being a huge jerk. It was effective though; with 9 people in the party, many of whom are fantasy buffs, it can get tricky to surprise them.   Going into the adventure they all knew something was wrong with Jurian, but … Continue reading Gloriana Update: Battle of Dunlan Keep

The Fate Roll: Handling Initiative In A Split Party

This is an interesting take on handling what one might call “Narrative Initiative.” If nothing else, it’s an alternative to Pass-The-Conch

Crater Labs, Inc.

I had a curious situation this last Tuesday: I had a 3.5 gaming group where nearly every player had a character who would be in an entirely different place, doing different (though related) things at the same time.  I wasn’t sure how best to handle this… my instinct said that they should just roll initiative, but initiative wasn’t really a good story-excuse for ordering; initiative is about who can get the upper hand, about who’s faster, and about who’s wily enough to get the drop on other people.  And I didn’t want to just make it a “roll off” where everyone rolled a d20 and the number on the die was your order; one of the subtle brilliances of initiative is that it has an automatic tie-breaker, wherein those who get the same “score” can still check sheets and determine that even in a tie, one player would logically be…

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I was a tabletop cyborg: Digital tools around the table

Last year one of our most enthusiastic newbie players in the Refuge campaign had to leave, returning to his homeland in New England. We sent him off with a climactic battle against a legion of scarecrows, in which remembering what the hell that "Horse with a horn" was called became a turning point. Our departing hero … Continue reading I was a tabletop cyborg: Digital tools around the table

Soap Sticks and Greased Pigs

Don't let this article's title fool you--this is not a sex thing. It's not. Don't look at me like that. You're making me deeply uncomfortable. Anyways. During their last adventure, the Gloriana crew arrived in town during a major festival. Due to DM contrivance and various plot devices, the party's quest to acquire a particularly rare bit … Continue reading Soap Sticks and Greased Pigs

Refuge in Audacity

The architects of the Refuge are unknown. The location of the Refuge is unknown. The age, origin, and purpose of the Refuge are unknown. What is known is that beyond the Refuge waits death, danger, and—for the brave—unknown wealth. A circle of massive moss-covered monoliths, roughly ten miles each apart, protects a thirty-mile wide region … Continue reading Refuge in Audacity