A Tale of Two Parties

I've been running a semi-vaguely West Marches style campaign for coming up on two years now. Set in a post-apocalyptic Oerth, it focuses on a single settlement called the Refuge. Characters set out to explore their surroundings, secure resources for expansion, and uncover the mysteries of how the world came to be this way. It's been a … Continue reading A Tale of Two Parties

Let’s (Not) make a deal

In the world of speculative fiction (and occasionally crime drama as well), one of the time honored plots is "Someone makes a deal with a/the devil and it goes poorly." We just started watching Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and in the very first episode a character makes a deal with a supernatural entity for power beyond … Continue reading Let’s (Not) make a deal

Phase 1: Everything is Better with Phases

For the record, we've only divided our plan into phases because I really want to say THATS MAH FAVORITE PHAAAASE when we get to Phase Two. Plus, if it's good enough for Marvel, it's good enough for me. The starship combat game has been moved to Phase 2. As my last post, the ideas we've got for the system … Continue reading Phase 1: Everything is Better with Phases

Game Plan: What’s Going On?

The point of making a blog post at this stage in a project is to give future archive trawlers something to do at 3am on a shame-fueled bout of insomnia. Hello, frazzled procrastinators of the future! I envy you your world of unfathomable progress, technology and cultural revolution. Is Trump president-for-life yet? What destroyed America first, … Continue reading Game Plan: What’s Going On?