Welcome! This is a sum of my body of work in creative spaces.

Casters & Castles

Writer, Quest/Content Designer, System Consultant, Community Manager, Project Manager, On-Camera Talent

A tabletop gaming channel featuring esports industry talent. Casters & Castles is home to multiple series and projects. I manage our community on discord & twitter, plan & execute shows (including multi-part miniseries and recurring features), write content for our cast, recruit and schedule guest stars, and more.

Arc 1: Quest for the Book of Dawn

I wrote the adventures each week, adapting them to the dungeon master’s needs and reflecting the actions of the party. The challenge here was to create material intended for a relatively new DM. We worked together to adjust the format and style until he was able to easily run the adventures and make changes on the fly.

Arc 2: One Last Ride

For this series, I took on the role of on-camera talent and dungeon master. We incorporated some audience participation mechanisms.